Liftel Platform

One single space providing truly straightforward oversight of the general status of your lift fleet.

Ascertain the status of your lift

at any time

The Liftel platform offers support for all lift telephony systems, allowing connectivity with multi-brand operations, using the cloud to make all functionalities available to every employee.

Liftel platform accessed via any Android, iOS, Windows or Mac device.

General status

Overview of the current status of your set of lift emergency systems (telephones, remote alarms, GSM devices, etc.)

Test reception

Capable of receiving communications (VOICE/DATA/SMS/DTMF) from the lift alarm systems to monitor the EN 81-28 standard.

Historical query

Records and display of EN 81-28 tests, inspection and emergency calls, which can be listened to at any time.

API REST integration

API integration to offer swift, convenient and secure access to the information and ensure that the data are accessible in your company’s other programs.

Benefit from other tools

to boost your business

All aspects of communications and operational control managed on one single platform.

Technical description of faults

Detailed alert with the specific description of the fault and possible solution.

Real-time monitoring

Receive alerts from the operational panel in real time.

Historical fault record

Save the record with the date and time of all faults and anomalies occurring.

Access to remote console

Access to the installation’s specific multi-brand console, capable of monitoring or modifying parameters.

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