IoT for the lift

IoT (Internet of things) is the technology connecting everyday objects to the Internet, offering us increased intelligence and autonomy. Thanks to the proliferation of cloud technologies, all the data are stored in the cloud itself.

How can we apply IoT in
the world of lifts?

IoT in the lift provides safety, reliability and efficacy. Allowing any device (lights, doors, piped music, screens, etc.) to shift from being an isolated element within the building, to be connected with their surroundings, interacting with all other elements of the property, underpinning new services and functionalities.

Communication and emergency systems

New IoT communication technologies keep the lift connected with the building’s emergency sensors. This thus serves as a rapid means of communicating any event to the building manager. It also provides information in real time via LCD screens or Push notifications. Another of the benefits is that in the event of a breakdown, it can monitor the occupants’ survival status until rescue.

Preventive maintenance models

One of the enhancements offered by IoT in the world of lifts is prevention and prediction. In other words, if we store all the information that the lift devices provide us with via connectivity, these data can then be processed to generate performance models. These models can be used for functions which include prediction of when a technical fault will occur in the system, comparing events that have occurred in the diagnosis of rare and intermittent faults among similar lifts, or reducing maintenance costs and time.

How does Liftel work with IoT?

At present, our Liftcom IoT and Liftcom PLUS devices deliver performance and functions which make the future a present reality, by offering this remote preventive and predictive maintenance service. These products tell the maintenance agent in real time when a fault or anomaly will occur, allowing a historical record to be built up, comparing the performance of the different lifts within the maintenance agent’s current portfolio. As well as offering a fault code definition and possible causes, allowing for remote access with full control of operations.

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