Emergency operator

Liftel M2M

M2M allows automatic communication between devices without human intervention, transmitting data via mobile networks.

What is the Liftel M2M?

The M2M service is offered via SIM cards designed specifically to offer a complete voice, data and SMS service for lift communication and emergency systems. They are carefully configured to fulfil all needs within the lift and facilitate interaction with maintenance staff.

Liftel is an Emergency Operator with a robust track record dating back more than 20 years in the world of telecoms. Our experience is unrivalled, backed up by the successful installation of more than 250,000 lift M2M devices. We also offer a highly specialised lift communications technical support service, always at the ready to meet your needs.

Trust in us to keep your lifts connected and safe!

M2M card functionalities

Emergency calls

Can establish the emergency call and two-way communication

EN 81-28 standard

Equipped to make as many test calls as the two-way system configuration sees fit.

Remote maintenance, preventive maintenance and sending of data

Data can be sent via a secure and inviolable channel, underpinning the lift’s IoT communications.

M2M card

What does it include?

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